Asset Finding Services

What is an Asset finder?

An asset finder looks through government lists of unclaimed monies then gets to work finding the rightful owner so that the monies can be recovered.


The Lists

One of the government lists of unclaimed monies I work with are stale or returned checks. This is where the government agency has sent out a check to the claimant but the check was returned as undeliverable.

Other lists are unclaimed property taxes, unclaimed monies, and unclaimed estates.


Most, if not all, government lists of unclaimed monies have deadlines. After the deadline, if still unclaimed, the monies are forfeited to the government agency.

As an asset finder my job is to alert you to the claim and to help you start the recovery process before the deadline passes. 


A 10% finder’s fee is charged. Fees are only collected if the claim recovery is successful. No contracts, no upfront payments. Unclaimed funds are never transferred to me.


Honor System

Your first contact from me may have been an email, voicemail or letter. Because of the prevalence of scams I try to be as personable as possible. But, it can be an uphill battle to establish credibility.

So, while my first communication may not give all the details, as I don’t want the claimant to say, “Well, I don’t need this guy now that I know about the claim,” I know I need to send the details of the specific claim as soon as possible.

Because there are no contracts I rely upon the honor system for payment.

The Process

While an asset finder plays a key role most of the process is handled by the claimant. This has two benefits. One, the government agency wants to deal with the claimant directly. Two, it keeps you, the claimant, confident the monies are not going through 3rd party hands.

But, once you start the process and go on with your life, I will help keep the process going smoothly.

Let’s Get the Ball Rolling

Contact me via email or phone and tell me who you are and how I got in touch. I will consult my notes on your file and then email or call you with the details.

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