Web Design (HTML and WordPress)

We specialize in customizing HTML and WordPress templates. It's best to bring us in before choosing a template or even a hosting service.

Any template you choose will need a good deal of customization to getting it looking its best.

See our blog page for more details on this topic.

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Content Management

We can manage your existing blog or set-up a new one for you. Fresh content is good for search engine optimization and for your visitors. It shows you are not "out-of-date."

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Get Seen

Many businesses think it is easy to get to the top of a search page. It isn't. It takes time and effort. A short cut, while you are building page rank, is through Pay Per Click advertising.

Google Adwords is the big name in this field. Bing/Yahoo are another player. We can set-up a campaign and manage it based on your budget.

Another important "piece" of the "getting noticed" puzzle is Google Maps placement. Directory placement is important, too.

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Template customization, image work, and most of the code work is handled by Jan Shawkey. Jan has owned non-design businesses so he can bring business wisdom to your project that another designer might not be able to. Jan also does the current content management work for his major existing blog customer. He is interested in duplicating his success in this area for other business owners.

Google Maps, Directory Placement, and SEO work is handled by Brian LaMay. Brian's background was in the news business. He recently wrote his first book - Sidetracked.

Google Adwords are handled by both Jan and Brian.


We are interested in delivering you a fine product at a good price.

We strive for excellent communication throughout the process.

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